Thursday, April 25, 2013


   Our planet is very polluted. We are destroying forests and killing species of animals. People in Spain only recycle 25% of our rubbish. Cars , factories, heatings...pollute and destroy the enviroment. In a year, a typical person in the United States will throw away more than 250 kg of paper.
   The global warming is the principal environmental problem in the world. The temperature of world will increase four degrees centigrades in this century, because cars produce carbon dioxide (Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that traps the earth's heat and contributes to Climate Change) and other gases .In 100 years the state of Florida will probably be under the sea.
 But ,step by step, we can save the enviroment IF :

  • We can walk or cycle to school, work or home, instead of  using cars or buses.
  •  Use public transport.
  • We should recycle, reduce and reuse :
  • You can recycle  paper, cardbord , plastic, metal... We should recycle electric appliances , too.
  • Segregate household garbage and make compost.
  • Buy things only if it's necessary.
  • Reuse by donating your stuff.
  • We must save water . We can turn off the tap while we're cleaning our teeth, or while we're washing our hands.
  • We mustn't waste energy .We should turn off the lights when we leave a room. and use low-energy light bulbs.
  • When we go to the beach or to the forest, we must take our rubbish home with us.
  • We must protect our forests : Trees give oxygen to the atmosphere and this is essential for the environment. 
  • Plant  trees.
  • Don't burn plants or any other waste.
  • If you camp in the forest,  protect animals and plants.

   There are more ways to help the environment ; we should carry out them . And REMEMBER ...

                     THE EARTH IS OUR HOME,
                    WE PROMISE TO KEEP IT !!!
2nd ESO , 22nd April
( International Earth Day )

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